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May 02 2013

Gigs in May

This month, we already have two gigs coming up! We will continue filling up our Gigs page, so stay tuned! The first one is at JV Blanko [Meer]

Mar 17 2013

New song: Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire is out right NOW, check it out! It’s one bitching song overflowing with attitude, and of course still endorsing our trademark heavy sound. What [Meer]

Jan 18 2013

New releases: Freedom

Freedom is here NOW and it rocks. It’s a lot heavier than it was before. We think you’re gonna love it. And with Freedom being the last [Meer]

Nov 23 2012

New song: The Room

Listen to The Room RIGHT NOW! It’s our awesome new single. You’ll love it. We’ve postponed this for way too long, but we’ve listened to you guys. [Meer]